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ZAIRZA, the robo-sof club of CET, a conglomeration of seasoned developers and designers. Founded in the year 2005, the club has ever since witnessed a synapse of creativity and evolution.

Retrospect a
tech adventure

To facilitate this rendezvous we have three wings each one of them being adroit at their respective fields with an excellent work ethic.


Bench-routes is a monitoring tool that monitors from system/kernel level information to the application level logs and performance of routes in Unix-based systems


Literature is a card game for 4 to 12 players, most commonly played with 6 or 8 players in two teams powered with flutter.


Insure+ is a mobile app which acts as an engagement tool that helps us to manage our health better. This app also acts as a source for insurance sales based on the data provided by the customer.

Hand Gesture Recognition using TOF camera

A gesture recognition system using Picozense TOF camera and its SDK.

Disease Reporting System

This project deals with real-time prediction of diseases (zoonotic), alerts people of the preferable location of potential outbreaks by smart Real-time notifications.


A wired RC robocar prototype powered by a battery/AC adapter. The most basic (the 1st level)of the things one encounters on his quest of reaching the everest of tech and hardware.

Amazon Warehouse Challenge

Integrating a Complete Robotic System i.e Pick and Place of an object for a Factory Environment using State Machines.

Wilderness Experience

Wilderness Experience is a camping website, where we can view and add campgrounds in and around India. We can add reviews and comments on individual campground pages and also spot the campgrounds on a map.

Avengers game

It consists of iron man(controlled character ) which can move side ways using cursor keys and fire bullets on a Thanos fleet. Every time it collides with Thanos it loses one life. After 3 lives are over the player can know their high score and restart the game.


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Whilst their tech-explorations our excavators have jotted down their unique tech findings. And we have revealed it here for you.

Overfitting and Underfitting of a ML model

Have you ever given a thought behind the poor performance of your ML model?

Frequently asked Interview Questions in react-redux

If you guys are about to face a react-redux interview, this article is for you.

Sentiment analysis of restaurant reviews

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing good. In this blog...

How ReactJS works behind the scene?

Hello guys! Learning react is simple. Here, in this article...


Ever wondered, how Facebook can recognize the faces. What it uses for that. Let’s reveal it.

Artificial Neural Networks

Hello!! Are you excited about Artificial Neural Networks? Are you excited about exploring a bit about the human brain?

OAuth using MEVN Stack

If you use nodejs and you need to implement Oauth or just looking forward to learning something new in the server side...

A Guide to Dual Booting

Today, dual booting has become a go-to procedure that a lot of developers opt for, be it due to having complete access over...

Home Automation : Making Our Lives Easier

The Home Automation is a wireless home automation system that is supposed

What is “BITCOIN” and How its Mining Process Works ...

Before going through this article you must know about the basics of blockchain.

Modern Radios: Miles of Range and Years of ...

Age old definition of radios relates to ‘radios drain battery’.

Our tech

Meet our tech excavators at Zairza, who have succeeded in proliferating a technical hegemony in the institution through numerous endeavours.


Binayak Behera

Pratik Panda
Design head

Sarthak Rout

Jiban Jyoti Panda

Mahes Dwivedi

Pruthwiraj Nayak

Nitish Choudhary

Jyoti Ranjan Satapathy

Bhabani Shankar Mohapatra

Harkishen Singh

Muskan Khedia

Jayashree Panda

Maitri Swarup Tripathy

Debasish Behera

Prateek Mishra

Sanjana Mohapatra

Aditya Bisoi

Subhajit Mohanty

A. Pushpendra

Haris Umaid

Pratyush Purohit

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  • For people persuing careers in computers and/or robotics, writing code, developing software, and creating exceptional things. That's what we do here. We do things and we help people who are really interested in them.

  • Zairza conducts formal events for recruitment into the club. The pre-requisite includes a passion for technology and an inquisitive mind. Please contact the club administration for the exact procedures.

  • The talent pool of the club is widely ranged. We have members working on Web Development, Android Development, Embedded Systems, IoT, Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Our Alumni are placed in many prestigious organizations around the globe.

  • Zairza can provide you with space and an environment to work on your project. We have a stable fast internet connection and all the tools, components and other required resources for your project. Given the proper report, we can also fund your project. Apart from this, we have senior experienced mentors who will be more than happy to guide you throughout your project.

  • Zairza is open 24 hours per day. Just co-ordinate with the members for the key.